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Access Statement


1. The hotel is a Victorian Grade 2 Listed stone building situated on Church Walks near the Tramway.  Church Walks is a one way road with a medium incline from the seafront up to the Tramway.  There are pavements on both sides of the road and have wheelchair kerb access but in my opinion, not that great.

2. There is no wheelchair access to the Guesthouse due to the very nature of the building.


1. There is 24 hour parking on the left side of Church Walks and restricted parking on the right between the hours of 5pm - 10.00am next morning.  Disabled parking on the right is allowed but time restricted.


1. The entrance to the Guesthouse is through two stone pillars. From the entrance to the Front door, in sequence, is one step through the gate, then three steps onto the outside seating area then four steps to the front door.  

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor